Garmian Block (WesternZagros 40% working interest)

The Garmian Block consists of an onshore development project area of 131 square kilometres which contains the Sarqalaoil discovery. The Sarqala-1 well is producing over 9,000 bbl/d and since the end of the second quarter in 2017 has produced 5.5 million barrels of light oil, with no indications of formation water and no hydrogen sulphide.

WesternZagros and its co-venturer, Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V., received approval for the Garmian Field Development Plan in May 2016, focused on the development of the Jeribe/Upper Dhiban reservoir. The first phase of development includes the continuation of production from the Sarqala-1 well, and the drilling of two additional development wells to increase production.

The Sarqala-2 well was spud in the third quarter of 2017. This is the Company’s first Garmian development well targeted with the advantage of 3D seismic data and designed as a producing well for the Jeribe reservoir.

aerial photo of Sarqala-1 production facility