Garmian Block (WesternZagros 40% working interest)

The Garmian Block consists of a 131 square kilometer development project area containing the Sarqala field discovery. WesternZagros re-entered the Sarqala-1 discovery well in 2011 and initiated production via an extended well test facility. After submission of the Development Plan in 2014, WesternZagros installed an early production facility and initiated commercial production selling to the domestic market in early 2015. Operatorship of the block was transferred to Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V in early 2016 and since that time, WesternZagros has worked closely with the operator to expand the production facilities and drill Sarqala-2 and Sarqala-3 into the Jeribe / Upper Dhiban reservoir. The project is now producing over 30,000 bbl/d of sweet dry light crude. This crude is currently trucked to Khurmala for export via the Kurdistan oil export pipeline.

Future development plans for the block include the enhancement of water handling facilities and the installation of gas utilization facilities including a pipeline to Kor Mor. Additional wells may also be drilled to optimize field exploitation.