Youth Recreation

Contributing to youth recreation and activity is an important facet of our corporate social responsibility program. The positive reception to our youth programs has been exceptional. WesternZagros has provided football (soccer) uniforms and equipment, built football fields, sponsored various football and sports tournaments, and contributed financially to fun and cultural events for pre-school and school age children and youths.

Heartland Alliance Youth Mobile Literacy Bus
In early 2011, WesternZagros contributed to the purchase of a mobile library for youth. This project, managed by Heartland Alliance, an international non-governmental organization, involved purchasing and funding a bus to travel to rural areas of the Garmian Region, bringing books and games to local children. In July 2011, the bus visited the village of Hasira, a small village near our operations.

Football Kits to Youth in Sengaw and Hazi Kani
In August and September 2010, following a request from local stakeholders, WesternZagros donated football (soccer) kits to local youth football teams in the Hazar Kani and Sengaw areas. These kits included new uniforms, shoes, goalie outfits and other equipment.

Football Field in Shekh Tawil
In May 2010, we built a new football (soccer) field in Shekh Tawil for local children to play games after school. We envision this becoming a centre of activity for local children from surrounding communities.

Donation to Youth Activity Festival in Kalar
In November 2010, WesternZagros sponsored the Youth Activity Festival in Kalar, an event held by the Garmian Sports Directorate. Our donation included sports kits, equipment, trophies and medals. 1,500 boys and girls participated, from 7 Garmian cities, in various activities (football, volleyball, ping pong, basketball, biking and camping).

Sponsorship of Children’s Party in Sarqala
In February 2011, WesternZagros sponsored a children’s party in Sarqala in conjunction with the local authorities. Children performed and played music, received gifts and played games. The event was for pre-school aged children.

Donation to Garmian Youth Sports Facility
In March of 2011, as part of the opening of the new Garmian Youth Sports Facility, sports equipment and uniforms were donated to over 20 boys and girls from various sports teams across the Garmian Region. These were distributed to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the new facility.

Football field in Hasira
In May 2011, we created a new soccer pitch for the village of Hasira. This included a donation of nets and soccer balls, leveling of the field and a fence to increase safety of children around the road. Assisting in building local football (soccer) fields in our area has produced positive feedback from the community.