Road Improvements
Since 2008, WesternZagros and its co-venturers have carried out road improvements on the access road to Hasira, to Sez Chezni, between Turka and Kurdamir, and between Hazar Kani and Kurdamir, all located throughout our operating block. In 2010, we improved the road from Kurdamir to Qulijan Amin Qaraman by reducing grades, road widening, and water control and diversion.

Completed road improvements near Quiljan Sarhad

We have completed extensive earthworks projects, which provide low-cost methods to obtaining water. Shovel and excavators have been sent to over 60 villages in our block to complete earthworks projects.

Biosand Filter Training Course
In late 2009, we held a biosand water filter training course in Sulimaniyah, the capital of Sulaymaniyah Governate. The training was conducted by the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (“CAWST”), an internationally recognized non-governmental organization (“NGO”) based in Calgary, Canada. Both local and international NGOs participated in the conference.

Biosand Filter Implementation Project
As a follow-up to the biosand filter training course, in early 2010, we established a partnership with local NGOs to create biosand filter implementation projects. A distribution centre run by locals was established in the Paralwa Lower, in order to build biosand filters for the community. They built over 100 filters in just a few weeks and distributed at least one filter to every household. A hygiene session was also arranged for all men, women and children. Overall, biosand filters were given to seven villages in our block.