WesternZagros actively supports the Kurdistan Regional Government’s commitment to improving health care for the people in the Garmian Region. In consultation with local medical experts, we have partnered with Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”) to bring generous donations of medical equipment and supplies from Calgary hospitals to clinics and local hospitals.

Refurbishing the Aziz Qadr and Hasira Village Clinics
Through to June 2012, WesternZagros completed refurbishment of a rural health clinic in Aziz Qadr, which had degraded in its remote location and the construction of a new Hasira village clinic. Listening to community leaders and local health care providers is the cornerstone to WesternZagros’s approach to sustainable projects.

Refurbishing the Omer Mil Clinic
In April of 2011, WesternZagros, with local authorities, completed the refurbishment of a rural health clinic in Omer Mil. This clinic provides basic health care attention to over 1,000 people in the area. The clinic upgrade has increased its capacity to assist the community with health care.

Donating Medical Equipment with Project Cure
In 2010, WesternZagros partnered with Project Cure, an NGO committed to donating surplus medical equipment to developing countries. Beds, examination tables, crutches, wheelchairs, IV stands and other supplies were distributed to three local clinics in our operating block (Hazi Kani, Shekh Tawil and Xan) as well as to Kalar’s hospital.

Hazi Kani Clinic Supply of Doctor and Medical Supplies
In 2009 and 2010, we delivered medical supplies to the clinic in Hazi Kani, a village in the northern part of our operating block and subsidized the Hazi Kani Doctor. Like many regional clinics that provide overarching health care needs of many surrounding villages, their challenge is stocking basic medical supplies.

Equipment Donation to Kifri Hospital
During 2008, in conjunction with Foothills Medical Centre (Calgary, Alberta), WesternZagros donated surgical and post-operative equipment to the local hospital in Kifri, a town close to the southern edge of our operating block. Items that were donated include weigh scales, a defibrillator, examination tables, blood pressure cuffs, a sterilization unit, an ECG machine, cauterization units, pulse oximeters, a spectrophotometer and a neonatal MRI.