Water Supply

Rugged terrain, with steep jagged outcroppings of rock and deep stream valleys, characterize the northern half our operating block. This demanding terrain and the sometimes harsh climate of the Garmian Region combine to create challenging conditions for the residents of this area. Much of the area receives less than 300 mm (12 inches) of average of rainfall per year. In recent decades water tables have fallen, and many of the wells and surface water sources have run dry. Temperatures often exceed 50 degrees Celsius (122° F) during the peak summer months, adding pressure on diminished water resources through evaporation and increased demand.

Most of the residents of the Garmian Region live in small villages of less than 100 people and rely almost exclusively on subsistence livestock and grain farming. Limited access to potable water represents one of the greatest impediments to their quality of life. Accordingly, WesternZagros and its co-venturers have focused on this issue. Our approach includes drilling new water wells, repairing existing water wells, building water supply pipelines and water sanitation facilities, and facilitating access to the water table for livestock through the construction of sumps and pits.

Water Supply and Distribution Project with Mercy Corp
Through to June, 2012, WesternZagros partnered with Mercy Corp, an international non-governmental organization with expertise on project implementation in the community, to create sustainable water treatment and distribution systems in both Tula Qat and Nawza Gawra. The initiative included system maintenance and water sanitation training for residents.

Drilling Water Wells
Through to June 2012, WesternZagros drilled water wells in 19 villages and repaired eight more wells. We also dug sumps, pits and irrigation channels in 42 rural communities. These initiatives have provided the communities with their sole source of reliable drinking water.

Upgrading Irrigation Channels
Through to June, 2012, WesternZagros refurbished an existing irrigation channel in the village of Jamrez. The channel now provides the village with enough water to grow crops for the community. WesternZagros also provided the Garmian Region with a water tanker for watering trees.

Constructing Water Distribution Systems
Through to June, 2012, WesternZagros constructed a new water storage and distribution systems for the villages of Qulijan Sarhad, Quiljan Amin Qaraman, and Xan and completed the Shakal village water distribution project.

Refurbishing Water Plants
In 2009, WesternZagros constructed a six kilometre (3.7 mile) pipeline to the Kurdamir village, installed a water storage and distribution system for the village, and replaced and repaired the aging water plant’s generator and pumping systems. In 2010, WesternZagros completed the Jamrez water irrigation refurbishment project.