Listening to community leaders and local health care providers is the cornerstone to our approach to sustainable projects. Through local consultation we have learned that targeting local employment, water supply, health, education and youth recreation has the greatest impact on the local communities, assists to promote sustainable development and contributes to their improving quality of life.

WesternZagros maintains the highest standards and respect for local rights and property in the regions in which we operate. We strive to form working partnerships with local communities, contractors, local businesses, suppliers and non-governmental organizations. We seek business partners that align with our standards, as we pre-screen suppliers and mandate that they comply with all applicable laws and corporate policies regarding business practices and promotion of human rights. Our policy is to give priority to local communities in our procurement and hiring practices.

WesternZagros abides by both Canadian and Kurdistan laws. We believe that hiring local nationals in accordance with local security and government requirements and adhering to best practices and industry quality standards sets the foundation for success.

Safety and Environment
The safety of the surrounding local communities and staff on-site is the top priority for WesternZagros’s operations. We seek to ensure that village residents are aware and fully apprised of our safety and emergency procedures. Our on-site staff are trained by our highly qualified health, safety and environment staff in industry safety standards. These measures have mitigated accidents and assured the safety of our local and expatriate staff. We are proud of our excellent safety record and the creation of a ‘safety first’ culture throughout our organization.

Protecting the environment is also a core responsibility. WesternZagros undertakes comprehensive site-specific environmental baseline studies for its operational planning. We work to anticipate the potential impact our operations may have on the social, cultural and physical environment, and take steps to limit our impact.”